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Engage with your customers on their terms.

Create the perfect website for your business.

Seemless from Desktop to Mobile Devices.

Develop a consistent experience across devices.

Interact with customers via Communities, Apps, & Networks.

Connect with your customers via social media.

Our History

Ideal Computer Concepts is born 1st HTML sites are built.


Started developing in PHP Developing Content Management Systems (CMS) and branched into news and blog sites.

Developed first Proprietary Platform Loan Origination Platform for mortgage companies

2002 - 2003

1st Government Contract Developed a new site for the City of Billings

International First International Client


Name & Business Change Thomas Dennis and Doug Beckett started developing independently (still working together) and ICC changed to DennisOS.

Joomla Started Joomla Development as the primary CMS; Previously using Post/PHP Nuke.


Word Press Added first Word Press and Blog style sites.

Social Media Started working with MySpace & Facebook


Developing Mobile Platforms Branched into Mobile Space as we start to see how the iPad and iPhone were changing the market

Business & Name Change Registered with the State of North Dakota and now doing business as Dennis Design Works.


Celebrating 15 years! 2014 marked 15 years in business!

Consulting & IT Added consulting work and working with clients IT Needs


Advanced CMS Developing advanced Joomla sites, heavier mobile platform integration.

We Understand Small Business

We help small businesses and organizations utilize the technology to interact and engage with customers. We understand the needs of a small businesses because we are one. Our mission is to simplify technology for clients and being a trusted resource for their digital & IT needs. We will be your partner in the digital world.

We Understand Small Business

Our Services

Web Development: Strategy, Design, Development, and Deployment of the website. Sites are integrated to work across desktops, notebooks, notepads, or phones.

Technical Services: This includes hosting and domain service needs of your business. We will also help you determine your businesses IT needs.

Media: We help create and design media needs such as graphics, video, and audio.

Social Media:We help integrate your strategy into applicable social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Our Services